Benefits & Rewards

Here is what you will get as a thank you for placing your trust in us

Holding a Genesis NFT will grant you the following benefits:

Founding Feather Pass

Every holder is granted an exclusive access to every expansion of our world and gets an edge on our upcoming drops (access list, land sale, token, staking, airdrop … ?)

Help shape the game

All NFT holders will be consulted to voice their opinions and make choices during the game development. You will be able to choose between different designs & names of game elements (monsters, character, items, environment, etc). You may also be consulted to give your opinion on strategic choices.

Backstage Access

Holders of our NFTs will have access to the production backstage. We will share with you our progress and the production process

Early Access

Get closer to the team and play the game in early-access during the development phases (tests, alpha, beta …)

In-Game Rewards

Receive exclusive cosmetics items, title to set you apart in game and get your name in the game backer credits.

Digital Goodies:

  • Digital Artbook

  • Digital Soundtrack

  • Wallpaper

Physical Figurine

Receive a <Crappy Birds Physical Figurine - Limited Edition> for free by holding 3 NFTs

Special Rewards

We have special rewards in the pipeline for our biggest supporter: Design for the game in collaboration with the team

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