Risks and Challenges

Crappy Birds is a considerable undertaking. With any large project, the biggest challenge is organization and time management. With our combined experience and passionate team, we are confident that we can deliver on our promises and overcome future challenges.

We are very much aware that games take an exceptionally long time to develop when everything is done right, and that's why we've projected the completion date to late-2024 (generously). There is a high likelihood that Crappy Birds may be completed before that, but we want to ensure the game is the best it can possibly be before we launch.

To make sure we stay on track, each stage of the game's production will be visible through frequent updates on our website. We will detail the progress of the art, story and technical aspect.

We'll also test the game extensively, both locally and in distributed test versions, which we hope some of you will help us out with! This game is for all of you, and we will need your feedback to build an outstanding game.

Ultimately, we aim to create an exciting adventure in an incredible unique world. We are eager for you to experience it and would be truly grateful for your support.

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