In Crappy Birds you will explore a vast interconnected world that is inhabited by vicious enemies and monsters, customize your character, socialize with others while simultaneously trading and earning as part of an open-world economy.

  • 2D Side-scrolling MMORPG

  • Free-to-Play-and-Earn

  • Built in Unity

  • Available on PC, controller friendly

  • Inspired by Maplestory, Hollow Knight, Flappy Birds

  • Full release estimated in 2024

  • Fun & social gameplay: Our main goal is to make Crappy Birds fun and compelling, with a strong design emphasis on explorative platforming, immersive world and social interactions.

  • Play-and-earn mechanics: We aim to create earning possibilities for everyone participating in the ecosystem, whether they are players, investors, builders or NFT collectors.

  • Highly accessible: Crappy Birds is Free-to-Play, available on Windows, Mac and Linux, and crypto wallet is optional.

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