The World

In a devastated world, where humans are long gone. The Crappy Birds have assimilated what is left of human culture (for better or for worse), and survive by scavenging and tinkering on what's left of past technologies.

Rusty Town

The Nest

The Crappy Birds’ favorite bar. Combining various building elements from chunks of cement, scrap metal, and pieces of wood and plastic, The Nest was built by the entire community’s scavenging and tinkering efforts.

Within the bar, one may find the Birds blasting music and squawking out a karaoke song… drinking Vibe (an energy drink) to their hearts’ content and bouncing off the walls… or practicing their graffiti skills on the various tchotchkes and decorations.

It may be messy and chaotic, but The Nest is what the birds call “home”. It’s where they can gather with their friends for a pint of Vibe before going on their next adventure, admire each other’s cool outfits, or tinker with materials they found on their missions to make something new. It’s a place where each bird can voice their opinions, hopes, and dreams without fear of judgment — unless they’re stupid ideas, that is.

Squatchy’s Spot

A bird named Sasquatch or “Squatchy” for short opened his own tinkering guild for any bird who wants to learn new skills in scrapping and tinkering.

His “Spot” is a hollowed-out building that used to be a fried chicken truck — a fact which steers regular birds far, far away from his spot.

Squatchy is a massive brown bird with big feet and one eye. He is a sight to behold, and would scare off any regular bird. But the Crappy Birds are scrappy and ambitious, adventurous by nature, and thus Squatchy respects them and allows them to craft items at his place for a discounted price.

Gyro's Lab

The Gyro's Lab is an old bunker transformed into a laboratory.

Gyro is a smart but somewhat crazy bird, who has become obsessed with old engineering books and spends his time making goofy but useful gadgets.

Twinkle's Salon

Despite her frilly name, Twinkle is a badass who knows absolutely everything about street style. At her salon, birds can get the latest hairstyles and try out different outfits in her Wardrobe section for purchase.

Her salon is located in what used to be a human hair salon.

Twinkle is a black bird with goth makeup and punk clothing. She’s sassy and straightforward, and is not above judging you for your style when you walk in. However, she’s quite warmhearted and will make sure you leave her salon looking and feeling “much better” than when you walked in.

Other Locations

Stonetree Complex

Named "stonetrees" because birds don't know what skyscrapers are, the Stonetree Complex is a vast area filled with danger around every corner. Located in what used to be a downtown metropolis, the "stonetrees" tower high above most everything, covered in weeds and wildlife.

The city streets are wild and forested, except for a set of train tracks that the birds have revived as a makeshift rail transportation system out of the bodies of old cars (this rail, called "Stonetree Railway", is a way for the birds to travel to other parts of the world from the main hub of Stonetree).

Cyber Swamp

Where waste is dumped. Human electronic waste has made the landscape mutated and unstable. The birds who live here are "hicks" who ride around the poisoned rivers in riverboats and who scavenge the leftover technology and trash for parts.

The Underground and City Sewer

Not many birds live here because... well, why would birds live underground? However, many of these dungeons are found in old subway lines and tunnels underneath the city, where some "outcasts" have made their home amongst the dangerous, mutated creatures there.


A difficult-to-reach location that can't be flown to alone; you must take a special flying machine up there. But some birds have created a floating city out of leftover human levitation technology. They live in splendor, a Nirvana or Mount Olympus-type place where snooty birds look down upon the "Ground Birds" as filthy and uncivilized.

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